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Clock Tower in center Sighisoara, Transilvania, Romania

clock tower in center sighisoara transilvania monument unesco romania


2 responses

  1. andrea

    do u have any info on this clock tower?? project for school!

    September 5, 2006 at 10:55 pm

  2. claudia

    Sighisoara(segesvar) is a UNESCO protected town and from 1999 it is a part of the wold-treasure. It has a medieval castle what is inhabited today as well. On the settlement’s hill there was built a castle in 1280 for the first time. In the XVI.th century under the castle there established masters concentrated in well organized crafts. Thanks to their good financier status soon they’d built a 930 m long and 4 meter heightt stone wall around the castle. In the XV.th century the height of the wall arrised with another 3-4 meter and during the following 200 years the height of the wall somewhere attained 15 meter.

    They’ve built 14 watch-towers as well what were named after the crafts that backed up there building. 9 of the 14 thechamber’s’s, thtailor’s’s, the smith’s, the skinner’s, the boot-maker’s, butcher’s, thjeweler’ss, the cord-maker’s and the clock-maker’s towers still stand. Unfortunately today doesn’t exist the barber’s, the fitter’s, weaver’s and the cooper’s tower.

    The biggest the symbol of the city is the 64 meterhigh clock-tower built in the XIV.th century. Its 2 meter thick wall protected the ammunition, the archive and the treasury of the town. Until 1648 it had had a clockwork made of wood when it was changed into one made of iron. Then appeared the wooden motions representing the days of the week in the tower’s window. The colored majolica pottersere put onto the roof of the tower in 1894. Onto 1556 the council of the town had its seat on the first floor as well. From 1899 the Clock-tower has given place to the history museum of the town./////////for andrea

    January 1, 2007 at 2:32 pm

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