A photographic Ride around the World


Albanian Muslim District in Tetovo, Macedonia

albanian muslim district in tetovo macedonia photo


Bombed Truck near River Pena, Tetovo, Macedonia

destryoed truck tetovo river pena macedonia photo

Building with bullet holes, Tetovo, Macedonia

bullet holes building tetovo macedonia balkans war photo

Inside Orthodox Monastery in Tetovo, Macedonia

photo inside monastery tetovo macedonia balkans

Flag of a former Political Party in Tetovo, Macedonia

tetovo macedonia albania kosovo sar planina flag politcal party war street macedonia photo

Street Scene in Carsija Old Muslim Town, Skopje, Macedonia

Carsija old town muslim town old district skopje macedonia photo street scene

Carsija’s Old Town Shop, Skopje Muslim District, Macedonia

Carsija shop macedonia old town muslim district skopje balkans photo