A photographic Ride around the World


Church with snow in Tore, Northern Sweden

church in toere tore northern sweden artic circle north europe scandinavia religion building photo with snow


Tents in Sami Festival in Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden

Jokkmokk sweden north scandinavia sami festival sami people tents festival party february ice cold snow photo

Old stone Church in Gammelstaden, Sweden

old church in Gammelstaden unesco sweden photo

Church in Overtornea during Sun rise, Sweden

church in overtornea sun rise scandinavia northern sweden church religion scandinavia photo

Houses in Gammelstaden, Sweden

houses in Gammelstad north sweden unesco photo

Church and Cemitery in Overtornea, Northern Sweden

church religious complex cemitery in overtorneo north sweden border finland scandinavia photo

Church in Gammelstaden, Northern Sweden

Gammelstaden church unesco northen sweden photo